Moldova – Experts say lack of conduct code in public administration encourages corruption

Noiembrie 6, 2006 Experts say lack of conduct code in public administration encourages corruption

Chisinau-27.10.2006/15:47:41/(BASA-general) The lack of a conduct code for public authorities, imperfection of procedures of work with the public and bureaucracy halt the fulfilment of basic tasks and competences in public institutions, Lilia Carasciuc, executive director of Transparency International-Moldova, told Friday an international conference on integrity into public service: ethic references.

She said that many heads of public institutions consider that reporting corruption gravely affects their image and „corrupt persons continue to work” for this reason. „Our functionaries often manage to impose corruption practices to our citizens and the latter do not know the legal norms and initiate such practices alone,” Carasciuc added.

Deputy Iurie Stoicov, chairman of the parliamentary commission for national security, defence and public order, told the same conference that „not the lack of money or low salaries produce corruption but vice versa. However, Moldova still has much work to do in this respect.”

According to statistics of Transparency International-Moldova, Moldova led rankings of the most corrupt states in the world in the past three years.